2018 Spring Women's Conference

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Friday, April 13, 2018

Kay Arthur  

Kay Arthur founded Precept Ministries International with her husband Jack in 1970 with the vision to establish people in God’s Word. She is an international Bible teacher and award-winning author of more than one hundred books and Bible studies. Kay was honored with the National Religious Broadcasters’ prestigious Hall of Fame award for her invaluable contribution to the field of Christian communications, exhibition of the highest standards, and evidence of faithfulness in Christ. She is the recipient of the National Religious Broadcasters’ “Best Television Teaching Program” award in 2004 and 2009 for her daily TV, radio, and internet program, Precepts For Life™. Precept Bible studies are in nearly 180 countries and 70 languages.

Tommye Hammel

Tommye Hammel grew up in Chattanooga, TN and became involved in Precept Upon Precept® studies when the first course was written in 1975. She has worked with Precept Ministries International for over thirty years in training development and editing Bible studies. Tommye’s heart is for people to know God through knowing what He has said in His Word. She leads weekly Bible studies at PMI headquarters in Chattanooga and at her church. She and her husband have three sons and daughters-in-law, and eleven grandchildren. 

Gari Mitchell 

Gari Mitchell - Gari is the director of consulting services with Crosswalk Fellowship in Denver and worked as a senior consulting associate with Master Planning Group International from 1984-2007. She also was a Mother of Preschoolers (MOPS) mentor, served on boards such as MOPS International and Valor Christian High School, and co-founded Cherry Hills Christian Schools. Gari and Bo Mitchell are the authors of “Grace Behind Bars: An Unexpected Path to True Freedom”

Grace Behind Bars
 shares the true and dramatic account of how Bo Mitchell, businessman and chaplain for the Denver Nuggets, inexplicably ended up in federal prison only to find God’s true freedom behind bars. Ironically, it’s in a six-by-nine-foot cell that God begins to free this driven Christian leader from his prison of performance and success. In the end, Bo realizes that God’s love is a gift, not something he must earn. But there’s more to the story: Just before Bo enters prison, his wife, Gari, becomes incapacitated by a brain illness and enters her own prison of clinical depression. This story will not only inspire and encourage, it will show you how to find spiritual freedom in life’s “prisons” if you choose to see God’s hand in your life. 

Jan Silvious

Jan Silvious - Jan has years of experience as a counselor and Bible teacher. She leads seminars for Moody’s women’s ministry, she has been a keynote speaker at Moody’s Founder’s Week, and she is a pre-conference speaker for Women of Faith. Her books include Understanding Women, The Five-Minute Devotional, Fool-Proofing Your Life, Moving Beyond the Myths, The Guilt Free Journal, and Look At It This Way. Jan and her husband, Charles, make their home in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They have three grown sons. Her Newest Book: “Courage for the Unknown Season” - We all face seasonal changes. The passing years take us on journeys of change―whether we want it or not. In Courage for the Unknown Season, Jan Silvious acts as a wise guide for those who find themselves in new seasons of life, offering perspective and practical insights to encourage the soul and offer hope.

“Life is too long to keep doing the things we need to stop and too short to miss the things we want to begin.”