2017 SCBWI Wisconsin Fall Conference

Friday, September 15, 2017


Optional Friday Intensives, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. – cost is $15 (includes lunch, choose one)

A Play Date
Led by Ingrid Kallick, Miranda Paul, and Andrea Skyberg.
A Play Date offers a series of activities and prompts to get the ideas flowing.A limited number of spaces are available. Open to conference participants.

Work Party
Led by Melissa Gorzelanczyk and Silvia Acevedo.
A Work Party offers a series of presentations including topics such as unreliable narrators and beat sheet basics. There will also be writing prompts and an opportunity to get some real writing done.  A limited number of spaces are available. Open to conference participants.


SCBWI member illustrators attending the conference are invited to exhibit an unpublished illustration of three scenes in a sequence using the prompt GAME ON! The artwork should include the following objectives:

  • Show a sequence of three narratively connected scenes.
  • Show interaction of characters, suggesting a game.
  • Include the use humor and be creative.
The final artwork should be displayed on board with rigid backing, maximum 18” in any dimension so that it can be easily displayed on a small tabletop easel or book stand, which should be provided by the artist. The displayed illustrations will be judged by Art Director Saho Fuji and the winner will receive discounted admission to either the Spring Luncheon or the 2018 Fall Conference.

Portfolio Display

Each illustrator has the opportunity to display her/his portfolio and one dummy, along with postcards or business cards in front of the contest piece. If you're not participating in the contest, you can still show your portfolio. There is no extra charge, but you must register for this when you register for the conference. 

Art Work Drop Off

Please drop off your mounted illustration, your own small tabletop easel labeled with your name, your portfolio and postcards (optional) in the Grand Ballroom before 5pm on Friday. Bring a color copy of your illustration - not the original - as we cannot guarantee the safety of your work. Art Show or Contest questions, please contact Illustrator Coordinator Ingrid Kallick at wisconsin-ic@scbwi.org.


This year, we’ll be offering the chance to purchase multiple/additional critiques. If you work across multiple genres/categories, this is a great opportunity to get affordable feedback from a published professional. Manuscript submission are due by August 6th. When you register for a critique, you must indicate what genre the manuscript will be (PB=Picture Book, MG=MidGrade, YA=Young Adult, GN=Graphic Novel, IL=Illustrator Portfolio, BD=Book Dummy)

In-Person Critique with National Faculty 

$50 for in-person, national faculty critique (limit ONE, first 70 w/correct formatting and received on time are guaranteed a national faculty critiquer)

Portfolio or Book Dummy Review

$50 for in-person, portfolio review (limit ONE, first 10 to purchase are guaranteed an art director reviewer)

*If you select a manuscript critique with one of our national faculty, you have the option of selecting a portfolio review with one of our local faculty for $35.

Written Critique

$35 for additional written manuscript critiques (limit 3, must also have purchased one in-person critique to be able to purchase written critiques) 

* No refunds will be granted for manuscript critiques or portfolio reviews. All manuscripts must be received via email by August 6, 2017.


Attending participants may showcase ONE title in the conference book store. 

RULES: The book must have been released within the last 12 months. Self or traditionally published books are both accepted, however the book must be for children or teens, or on the craft of writing/illustrating. One title per person. If the bookstore is unable to get your book, you will be contacted with an option to bring your own copies. Book information is due by August 20th. An email will be sent to you with instructions for submitting your book by August 1st.


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