Tour of Texas 2017–2018

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Creating Interactive Learning Experiences
in Texas Classrooms
Elementary: Grades 3 - 5

Supporting Grades 3 - 5

 Session 1

Building a Culture of Mathematical Exploration and Discovery

Organizing for Effort and Socializing Intelligence

This session focuses on building and supporting a problem-solving culture in mathematics classrooms. Participants discuss research-based methods for socializing students to work as mathematicians and share practical ways of developing this culture. The afternoon is devoted to defining what it means for students to engage in productive struggle and exploring instructional strategies that have the potential to scaffold student learning, making it possible for students to engage in problem solving and advancing their learning.

Session 2

Discussions that Support Students in Sharing Mathematical Reasoning 

This session focuses on mathematics aimed at eliciting student reasoning. Participants learn about the power of using a variety of question types during a lesson and consider how these question types give students entry into their own and other’s mathematical reasoning—both for lessons that build conceptual understanding and lessons designed to develop mathematical fluency.

Session 3  

Providing Students Authentic and Varied Writing Opportunities
Writing to Learn and Developing High Quality Writing Assignments

This session focuses on how to provide students with authentic and varied writing opportunities, including writing to learn, writing to build sense making, writing to generate thinking, and writing to think about the comparison between solution paths or between problems. Participants will learn about various writing to learn tasks, how to embed them in instruction, and the benefit of multiple and varied approaches. Participants will also learn about the research-based criteria that make writing tasks high-quality. 


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