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You can submit your abstract when you register, or you are free to go back into your registration record and submit an abstract(s) prior to the March 01 deadline.

Welcome to the abstract site for the 7th International Conference of the Association of Biochemistry Educators (ABE). Poster abstracts must be submitted by March 01, 2019. Notices of acceptance will be sent out by April 01.

A poster may focus on an established, emerging, or innovative approach to the broad areas of biochemistry, molecular biology, and/or genetics education. Posters will be displayed on 8' wide x 4' tall poster boards.  Push pins will be provided. 


•File Name - name your file your LAST NAME only (example:  Jewart). 
Do not include any special characters.
•Abstracts should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document in Arial 11 font with 0.8-inch margins.
•Line 1: The title of the abstract should be written in all CAPS (125 character maximum including spaces).
•Next line: List all of the authors using initials (J.P. Smith, …). Please underline the presenting author(s)
•Next line: List the affiliations of the authors, designating the affiliations with numerical superscripts.
•Skip one line
•Body of Abstract: The body of the abstract is limited to 350 words and should include the following sections with headings in all CAPS: 

Abstracts that describe innovations or new approaches should still be structured as above, with “METHODS” describing the innovation and “RESULTS” commenting on observed outcomes or benefits/challenges. Works in progress are welcome and may include “lessons learned” within the “CONCLUSIONS” section.


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