2019 Havanese Club of America, Inc., National Specialty

Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday, October 14, 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Havanese National Specialty!

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HCA National Specialty Show 2019 Miscellaneous

Here's a preview of the additional attractions available for this year's show. To place your order for anything below, register for the show by clicking the "Register Now" button to the right.

Grooming Space

Please note
NO grooming is permitted in your hotel room.
NO grooming is permitted in the Ballroom, except
in the reserved ringside grooming area,
where no hair dryers are permitted.

There are three options for grooming space at the 2019 National – grooming space is limited. If the type of reserved space you are looking for is sold out we will put you on a waiting list. Hurry and make your reservation while you can!

If your dog is being noisy you may be asked to attend to him or remove him from the grooming area so that everyone can enjoy the show without distractions.

1. Reserved Grooming with Power – $40. Grooming space is 5' x 6'. This is adjacent to the ballroom where exhibiting will take place. Sorry, requests to be located next to another exhibitor cannot be managed. If you want to be located next another exhibitor, you should register together as a group. Limit one space per registered person.

2. Ring-Side Reserved Grooming – $20. Grooming space is 3' x 4'. This grooming area is in the Ballroom, so an exhibitor can watch the show as they wait for their class. It is only to be used for running a brush through your dog, not for heavy duty grooming, trimming feet etc. You must not leave any dogs unattended on tables or crates. Sorry, requests to be located next to another exhibitor cannot be managed. If you want to be located next another exhibitor, you should register together as a group. Limit one space per registered person.

3. Non-Reserved Grooming – Free. Available on a first-come-first-served basis. Power is not available in this area, and running extension cords from the reserved grooming area is not allowed. Free


Reserved Seating

There is open seating on Tuesday and Wednesday for all Companion Events.

There are three options for reserved ballroom seating for the Conformation Events. Each seat reservation is valid Thursday through Saturday for the Regional, Sweepstakes, Regular classes and Non-regular classes.

1. Premium Front Row Reserved Seating – $80. The premium seats come with a beautifully embroidered Havanese Tote Bag, embroidered with a Havanese image, and a pair of hand towels, each embroidered with a Havanese image. Premium seats are located in the best viewing area of the ring and are affixed with a placard with the owner’s name. This will be your reserved seat for the entire event. The number of premium seats is limited and once sold out they are gone. Limit of 4 per registration.

2. Front Row Reserved Wristband Seating – $35

3. Second Row Seating – $20

General Seating in the third row is available at no charge to anyone attending the 2019 HCA National. Some general seating will also be available in the second row, except those seats designated as Wristband Seating Only or Judge's Education Seating Only.

Please, no front row seating at any time without a wristband or seat assignment. Even if the front row is empty, folks entering the room with reserved seating may feel uncomfortable asking you to vacate the seat they should rightfully be able to occupy.

There are a limited number of reserved seats available. Once sold out they will disappear from the list below. So if the type of seat you're looking for isn't shown, they're all gone. There are no waiting lists for reserved seating - hurry and get yours while you can!

Pre-ordered Catalog

Pre-purchased copies of the catalog are available. They can either be picked up on-site the first morning of the show, or shipped out to you after the show.

At Show: $20
Shipped: $25


RV Parking

A limited number of RV parking spaces are available at the host hotel. All units must be fully self-contained: there are no electricity, water, or sewer connections available. The hotel charges $45 per night plus taxes of 13.88% per occupant. Everything is managed at the registration desk when you arrive, follow the same procedures as if you were checking in to a room. Contact the hotel or Ed Kloske for further information.

Register Now to order any of these items.


Contact Information

  • Questions or concerns? Contact:
      Adam Magoss
      (716) 337-3428

Payment Instructions

  • PLEASE NOTE: All payments must be made through PayPal.
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