Brain in Flux 2019

Saint-Paulen, Quebec
Friday, August 09, 2019


The organizing committee will select additional speakers based on abstracts submitted.  First, ten (10) trainees (pre or post-doctoral fellows) will give data blitzes (5 min) summarizing key findings in their upcoming poster.  Second, seven (7) speaking slots are reserved faculty who submit abstracts.  If funds allow, we will provide these individuals with modest support to attend the meeting.

After the poster session, the organizing committee will select up to ten (10) trainees for travel awards of $500 each.  These awards will be announced on the last day of the meeting; awardees will be given a certificate.  Organizers expect the available rooms to be completely booked so attendees are encouraged to register early.

You can upload your abstract when you register, or any time after you register up to the May 31 deadline.

Upload in .doc format only

Note: Ten (10) Travel Awards will be awarded to trainees who present their work to help defray the cost of the meeting.  These will be awarded at the end of the meeting.

1.            Please indicate if you would like to be considered for an oral OR poster
               presentation when you register.

2.            There are some speaking slots reserved for Young Investigators (up to
               10 years post award of PhD taking into account any career disruptions).
               If you would like to be considered for a "Young Investigator" talk, please
               include the date of award of your PhD or indicate that you are a student.

3.             All abstracts must be submitted electronically as an attachment
                in .doc format.

4.            The abstract must be single-spaced and in upper and lowercase

5.            The text may not exceed 400 words TOTAL including title, 
               authors and affiliations.

6.            Use short titles and standard abbreviations.

7.            Abstracts should include the following sections: Title, Background,
               Methods, Results and Conclusions. Please indicate any sources
               of support.

8.            Tables, graphs, and charts are not permitted in abstracts.

9.            List three (3) key words related to your research at bottom of

10.           Posters will be mounted on the walls in the meeting room

11.           Posters will remain on display for the entire duration of the
Deadline to submit Abstract
May 31, 2019


Contact Information

Payment Instructions

  • Registration Includes:
    (4) Breakfasts
    (4) Lunches
    (4) Dinners
    (2) Poster Sessions
    Conference Materials

    Fee BEFORE May 30:
    Faculty/Researcher - $250
    Postdoc - $225
    Student - $150
    Social Guest - $100

    4-Night Room/Tax:
    Single - $1,040
    Double - $1,560
    Share Room - $780

    Fee AFTER May 30:
    Faculty - $375
    Postdoc - $350
    Student - $225

    Paying by check?
    Make payable to:
    Brain in Flux Conference

    Mail to:
    Sheilah Jewart, Registrar
    Brain in Flux Conference
    9037 Ron Den Lane
    Windermere, FL 34786


             TRAVEL AWARDS
               Deadline:  May 31
    If funds allow, Travel Awards will
    be awarded to trainees to help
    defray travel costs. Abstract and
    poster presented to qualify.