Success Empowerment Group Presents "Come As You Are...In 2013"

Long Beach, CA
Friday, June 27, 2008









"Act as though I AM and I SHALL BE..."

  It's not just a Party..It's an EXPERIENCE !!!

 Party Registration
  4p.m.-9 p.m.                                    

                               7 p.m. -    8 p.m.

          Special Guest Speaker 
         Jewels Johnson, Host of

    Law of Attraction Talk Radio    
               Law of Attraction:
     The Heart & Mind Connection

About 1-1/2 yrs ago, Jewels Johnson, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, was being interviewed on a radio show about her Law of Attraction Hypnosis CDs from her internet Web site. Even though her heart was in her throat during the whole show, Jewels had the thought, "Hey, I can do this!" Within the next two weeks, Jewels on live on the air with the Law of Attraction Talk Radio. Since then, her show is one of the highest rated shows on three internet radio networks and she has a huge loyal listener base in over 20 Countries, including Africa and India.

Every week, Jewels brings on such guests as Debbie Ford (Spiritual Divorce), James Twyman (The Moses Code), Gregg Braden (The God Code), Gary Zukav and Dr. Bruce Lipton in her attempt to bridge the science and spirituality realms to her listeners. To say that she created the perfect job is an understatement. She feels strongly that if she can create this extraordinary opportunity, then EVERYTHING is possible! Jewels currently does workshops and seminars on the Law of Attraction where she teaches people on how to connect with their incredible inner power.

Saturday:  Party Registration:      8 a.m.  - 12 noon
Continental Breakfast:      8 a.m.  -  10 a.m.
Cash Flow:      9 a.m.  -  12 noon
                                  Speakers:      9 a.m.  -  12 noon
                                    Exhibits:      9 a.m. -   12 noon

        Lunch  (own your own) 12 noon- 1 p.m.
Aboard the Queen Mary -select either the Observation Bar or the Promenade Cafe
Speakers:         1 p.m. -   4 p.m.
   Rolls Royce Phot
os:         10 a.m. - 10 p.m.
                      Exhibits:          1 p.m. - 11 p.m.
PARTY       6 p.m. -11 p.m.


Fabulously informative speakers will be speaking Saturday from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.  Attendance is FREE. Be sure to register. Space is limited.

                         Sat.   June 28, 2008 9 a.m.
                 Collective Consciousness Meditation

Join in as we r
aise the vibration and open the heart to FEEL your dreams in which to change longstanding beliefs.


  Sat. June 28, 2008 10:00 a.m.

    Patricia & Jonathan Coash: 
           Synergistic Pathways
              Bio posted soon!


        Sat. June 28, 2008 11:00 a.m.
               Law of Attraction:
           Change Your Thoughts 
              & Change Your Life

George Castro, M.S., LMFT is a Licensed Therapist and Life Coach trained in Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles and holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. He has worked in the non-profit sector for over twenty years empowering others to reach their highest potential.
     In 1989 George had a spiritual awakening in which he turned his life over to helping others. In 1992 he had a near fatal car accident on "Devils Slide" near San Francisco that changed his life forever. That event gave George the insight and clarity to understand his life’s purpose.
     George specializes in leading groups in Success and Prosperity Principles, Law of Attraction, Visualization and Guided Meditation. The common thread in all his work is his passion to empower people to make life transitions in their personal and professional lives.
     In 2007 George followed his own bliss and decided to share his secrets of success and assist others to find their purpose in life. He founded George Castro Coaching which provides individual and group coaching as well as motivational speaking. George Castro Coaching is his sole endeavor to empower others to find their purpose in life and manifest the things they most desire.

Sat. June 28, 2008 1:00 p.m.
"Why You Must Live Your Dream" 

  Helen: Gordon: Miracles Happen

It is important to receive what you desire and to live your dream. You will be taken through a process, created by Rev Michael Beckwith of "The Secret," that will help clarify your dream (purpose in life) and reveal blocks to what you seek. Helen Gordon has been successfully using this technique for the past 20 years. Learn how to accept the successes of the dream without sabotaging it. This will give you a loving kick-in-the-pants to help you get unstuck so you can move forward. The tools you get in this workshop will be invaluable beyond this session. Helen teaches the principles of A Course In Miracles live on the Internet and is in her thirteenth year.
   She brings 24 years of metaphysical knowledge and living to these teachings. Her studies were completed at the Holmes Institute, Agape International Spiritual Truth Center in Los Angeles, CA and at the Foundation for A Course In Miracles headquarters in Temecula, CA.
   Ms Gordon is also a writer, published in metaphysical and religious publications. Helen is a warm and gifted teacher, committed to sharing spiritual principles that help lead to a more joyous and self-loving life. Miracles Happen!!

  Sat. June 28, 2008 10:00 a.m.
              THE EASY WAY!
Danielle Vachon: Joy on Life Intl

Are you ready right NOW to accept relief from fearful limiting beliefs, scarcity, lack, self-hatred, guilt, victimhood and sacrifice? Then THIS amazing presentation is for you!

Join the thousands of people whose lives have been transformed from fear to LOVW and sadness to JOY. Those who attend this presentation are STEPPING UP and STEPPING INTO the Magnificence that is already within them. Join us in COMING TO THE EDGE and dare to BE all that YOU ARE. Together we are chossing the GOOD LIFE NOW! Follow Your Bliss… Just Imagine Loving the Life You’re Living!


                                   OTHERS TBA  

                          Check back often for updates.

   Expand Your Listing 
                        in the 
        Millionaires Who's Who

Every attendee will receive a FREE listing in the Millionaires Directory. It includes your name and  title. (the one you'll have in 5 years). Or Upgrade and add:

Line listing with name and career = free

Inside front =               8.25 x 10.75          cost = $475

Inside back =               8.25 x 10.75          cost = $425

Full page =                  8.25 x 10.75          cost = $410

½ page horizontal =     8.25 x 5.375          cost = $225

½ page vertical =        4.125 x 10.75        cost = $225

¼ page =                     4.124 x 5.375        cost = $120

1/8 page =                   4.125 x 2.6875      cost = $65


Deadline to receive ads = May 31, 2008


Preferred ad format  is High Resolution PDF.


Will accept files in In-Design, Illustrator and Photoshop saved to CS1, Macintosh format.Must include fonts and all linked images.Full color ok an all ads, must be CMYK, 300dpi (NO spot color or RGB images).


Email to Please label BOTH subject and document emailed with the name of you or your company AND the date. All ads must have been paid in advance through event website before being confirmed to appear in Millionaire's Who's Who. Arrangement can be made for larger files. All ads should be camera - ready. Camera-ready is defined as an electronic or paper copy of ad that requires no manipulation (including resizing) to be reproduced.  Advertising costs are subject to change without notice.

Exhibitors are able to offer things of interest to our guests. Books, crystals, Angel readings, accupuncture massage, Ionic Footbath, Living Foods, candles, energetic balancing, jewelry, aromatherapy and much, much more.

For exhibitors,This is a one day event on Saturday June28, 2008,  in the Exhibit Hall aboard the Queen Mary Hotel. There will be approximately 30 exhibitor booths with 10 x 8 booth sizes available only. Booth spaces will be marked on the floor. Please take this into consideration for your signage. Please make payment on-line. A registration form (includes rules and regulations) will be sent via email after confirmation of payment.

Move in date
Set-up will be Friday, June 27, 2008 from 3 pm - 9 pm.

Booth Furnishings, Tables and Chairs
Table ( 8 foot) and 2 chairs are included with booth rental.  There will be no pipe and drape available. Please bring your own table coverings.

Receive Awards
Awards of various nature will be given at the party. Several  will remain anonymous until the event. However,awards will be given during the event to ten persons who have the most realistic and complete props. We believe you are who you are, let your props tell the world. The winners will also have the opportunity to have their props on table display at the party.                             

Media Interviews
Media of all types are interested in our event. If you would like to be considered for an interview or have your comments appear in print please submit: Your name, company, position, direct contact number and email address and 100 words or less on:  1.your feelings on attending the Come As You Are...In 2013 Party or  2. What has been your experience with the Law of Attraction. Send to  In the subject line of the email please put "Media Interview". Also include the statement" I give Success Empowerment Group permission to use my information for publicity purposes in the body of the email.

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