2009 Hewlett-Packard Global Business Challenge

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The 2009 Hewlett-Packard
Global Business Challenge

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Frequently Asked Questions

*   Do we need software to participate in the contest?
No! The contest is conducted via the web. All reports and decisions are processed electronically and available online.

In what language is the contest conducted?

Who is eligible to compete?
Students between the ages of 14 and 22 who are participating (or scheduled to be enrolled during the contest period) in a JA Worldwide program with any JA Member Office (including JA Titan, JA Banks in Action, JA Company Program, JA Exploring Economics, and/or GLOBE) are eligible to participate in the 2009 Hewlett-Packard Global Business Challenge. Junior Achievement alumni between these ages also are eligible. Each JA Member Office has the final say on who participates as a representative from its country. Finalists from previous final rounds are not eligible to compete. Students may participate on only one team per year. Teachers, advisors, or volunteers are not eligible to be team members. Teams including them as players will be disqualified.

Is registration limited?
No. Because of the extended registration period, JA Worldwide will not limit the total number of registrations available per JA Member Office. The $70 entrance fee, per team, is required for all participating JA Member Offices. 

How many students can be on a team?
As few as two students or as many as 30 can make up a team.

*   Which game do we choose?

There will only be one game available to you using the username and password provided. Select this game, and click the Play Game button.

*   When does the competition start?

The competition will begin when the countdown timer reaches zero for Round 1 on
February 3, adhering to the virtual elimination round schedule. 

How will the elimination rounds be structured?
Round 1 will include all valid registrations. At the conclusion of Round 1, the top 512 teams will advance to Round 2. At the conclusion of Round 2, the declared winner of each industry, totaling 64 teams, will be invited to compete in the semi-final round. From these 64 teams, the declared winner of each industry will be invited to attend the final face-to-face competition. If there are fewer than 512 valid teams for Round 1, then Round 3 will be cancelled, as it will no longer be necessary. In this case, the top 64 teams will be invited to compete in the semi-final round. From these 64 teams, the declared winner of each industry will be invited to attend the final face-to-face competition held in Brazil.

Who are we playing against?
When you logon, you will be able to view the team names.

How many students get to travel to the final round held in Brazil?
Travel scholarships will be awarded to the top eight teams and one chaperone from each attending country. Two students from each of the top eight teams will be flown to the final competition in August 2009 to compete in person. The finalist award includes: the cost of airfare, lodging and meals, and VIP tours for the two competing members of a team and one chaperone per finalist country. If a country has two qualifying teams, only one chaperone will be awarded the travel prize. That chaperone will be expected to assume responsibility for both teams from his or her respective country. Because of limited space, observers must apply to JA Worldwide to accompany their students. Only registered team members and approved chaperones will be permitted to attend final competition as an observer. All observers will be required to pay the observer fee.


What's New


Tips & Tools
Students will assume the roles of corporate managers and make weekly decisions on price, production, marketing, research & development, and plant capacity. They will analyze industry reports, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and market conditions before making their decisions and submitting a bi-weekly response. The simulation is based on JA Titan software program.



  • Full Business Cycle Scenario (http://www.ja.org/programs/hpgbc/faq.shtml#tips)
    The most challenging of all the scenarios, this simulates the four stages of a business cycle. To be successful, teams need to navigate the economy’s turning points by heeding messages throughout the simulation and using that information effectively for their six quarterly decisions.
  • Global Production Scenario (http://www.ja.org/programs/hpgbc/faq.shtml#RoundTwoTip)
    Teams are faced with a loss of sales (drop in demand) due to the increase in imported Holo-Generators from international markets. The Holo-Generators are produced in developing countries that have much lower production costs, which puts further price pressure on domestic producers. Through dialogue, teams are informed that rising demand is the result of two factors. Global trade has provided economic growth in the developing countries that are producing and selling Holo-Generators. Consumers in these countries can now afford to purchase items like Holo-Generators either in their own locality or from global trading partners. Second, some domestic companies, because of high cost structures, have gone out of business because they could not afford to produce Holo-Generators at the prevailing global market price. That has resulted in a decreased supply from domestic producers. The scenario assumes that the Holo-Generator is in the “mature” phase of the product life cycle. No new features are being added, and past innovations are now standard on all Holo-Generators.
  • Strategy tip to avoid bankruptcy (http://www.ja.org/programs/hpgbc/faq.shtml#tips)
    Competitors should watch their loan deltas each quarter and avoid reaching the loan limit. Loans are not paid from cash or retained earnings. Your loan payment is calculated based on your cash position, your spending, and your production costs. To avoid bankruptcy, you must avoid exceeding your loan limit for two consecutive periods.


Contact Information

Payment Instructions

  • Payment Instructions:
    An invoice of your total conference fee balance will be sent in your confirmation email upon completing registration.

    Bank information for all wire payments to JA Worldwide:

    Bank information for all wire transfer payments to JA Worldwide:
    Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    Bank Branch: San Francisco, CA
    Swift Number: WFBIUS6S
    ABA Number: 121000248
    Account Name: JA Worldwide
    Account Number: 5058072580

    Provide this form to your bank.

    The wire amount received should be for the total due in US dollars. 

    If your bank uses an intermediary bank, find out what the fee is and increase payment by the fee amount or we will not receive the full payment.
    Fees resulting from this wire should be processed using the following SWIFT standards.
    OUR: Remitter pays all fees. 

    Please email
    gluckett@ja.org with details of wire amount and reason for remittance.