2012 On Course National Conference

Long Beach, California
Friday, April 27, 2012

 Pre-Conference Workshops

During 30 years of attending workshops, I've not spent a more informative, enjoyable, beneficial time than this pre-conference. Time flew. I wasn't ready to leave. Thank you for the shot in the arm! -Kathy Tyndall, Wake Technical Community College, NC


All pre-conference workshops have FOUR things in common:

1) Schedule: 8:45 to 4:15 on April 26, 2012
2) Location: Hilton Long Beach and Executive Meeting Center (conference hotel)
3) Limited Enrollment: Please register early to get the session of your choice.
4) The rich experience of working closely with other highly motivated college educators.

OPTION 1: The One-Day On Course Workshop

If you're new to On Course, this full-day workshop will provide a foundation to help you get even greater value from your experience at the On Course National Conference. If you've already attended the On Course I Workshop (and even the On Course II Workshop), you'll get a great review of On Course Principles plus a whole new batch of empowering learner-centered strategies to add to your tool box. If you are interested in innovations that promote active, responsible learning across student success courses, all academic disciplines, and student services...then this is the session for you! Led by an On Course Facilitator, this is the same one-day On Course Workshop presented on college and university campuses across North America! To see a detailed agenda for this pre-conference workshop, click HERE

OPTION 2: On Course, Learning and the Brain

This workshop is designed to explore the synergy between the growing body of research on brain-based learning approaches and the On Course principles of learner centered teaching and student empowerment. As a participant you will review key findings of educational neuroscience (and explore several "neuromyths" born from applications of the early research findings). You will also experience, examine and develop a variety of teaching strategies supported by these key findings and congruent with the On Course developmental model. On Course offers educators numerous tools that promote the type of positive learning outcomes evidenced by the latest educational neuroscience.

This workshop will be led by Deb Poese, an On Course facilitator. As a Mathematics teacher, STEM administrator, and current Director of the School of Education at Montgomery College in Maryland, Deb has presented on current understandings of brain research and its implications for teaching and learning in a variety of fields.

OPTION 3: Creating a Life that's On Course - For You and Your Students

This workshop will use On Course principles to address the two pertinent questions about life – “Who am I meant to be?” and ‘What am I meant to do?”  Research has shown that success increases when people have identified a purpose for their lives and are engaged in activities that supports their passions.  It has also been show that the best type of life coach training involves the coach going through the coaching experience first-hand; in this session, participants will be actively engaged in several self-awareness exercises that will not only be useful when working with students, but in their own personal development as well.  The exercises in this session will be helpful in attendees making positive change in their own lives AND empower students to make positive change in their lives as well.  You will leave this session with tools that can be used with your students in one-on-one appointments, in group sessions, in a classroom, even as part of a leadership training program!  And for a bigger challenge, you may even want to try these tools with your family and friends!  Imagine that you could learn something new about yourself by the end of the session!

Bill Johnson is the Student Success Coordinator and Personal Development Coach in the Office of Life Planning and Personal Development at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. He is a certified Dream Coach and Spiritual Group Leader; he also has extensive training in Purpose Coaching and Wellness Coaching.   He teaches courses at UNCG that focus on personal development, creating a purpose and passion driven life, and on integrating spiritual practices in the classroom (meditation, and reflective writing).  He also travels around the country, facilitating workshops, trainings and seminars to students, faculty, and staff in a variety of student services areas on personal development and spirituality.  He is passionate about helping students, faculty and staff find ways to incorporate holistic health (heart, mind, body, and spirit) into their educational experience.

OPTION 4: On Course and Diversity

Colleges and universities have more learners than ever before whose diverse perceptions and ways of creating meaning vary, and may differ from those of the instructor. The resulting differences create challenges for educators in meeting the needs of all students. In this workshop, participants from across disciplines will learn concepts and tools that will help sustain the cultural integrity of each learner in your classroom as s/he moves toward educational success. You will have the opportunity to increase your own awareness about concepts related to cultural and learning diversity through discussion and interaction, as well as identify the conditions necessary to create relevant and engaging lessons that enable diverse students to learn well together. You will learn how to use the On Course success principles and learner-centered instructional strategies to strengthen your culturally responsive teaching skills and learn more tools for the design of curriculum that addresses the strengths of a wide diversity of learners.

This workshop will be led by Eileen Zamora. Zamora has a Masters Degree in Linguistics with an emphasis on the impact of culture and life experience on the acquisition of English as a Foreign Language. She is also an On Course facilitator, a faculty member at Southwestern College, CA, and has worked with learners and leaders from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, religious, linguistic, and generational backgrounds for more than 30 years. She has conducted research in culture and diversity, and been trained in its application in racial reconciliation, conflict resolution, & cross-cultural communication, most recently at The Summer Institute for Reconciliation at Duke University.

OPTION 5: Creating a Culture of Success: On Course for Front Line Staff

Front line staff members (in the counseling, admissions or financial aid office, for example) deal with students at important junctures in their college experience, offering yet another opportunity to help students make Wise Choices. What can we do to ensure that non-classroom educators have the tools to assist them in creating an experience that leaves a positive impression on students? This workshop will provide you with a sampling of staff training designed to help front line staff play an integral role in creating a culture of responsibility by using tools such as the Language of Responsibility, Forks in the Road and the Wise Choice Process.  You'll leave with at least three ideas that you can use to implement a training session for your staff.

Robin Middleton has been a faculty member at Jamestown Community College for over twenty-nine years. As a counselor in the Counseling and Career Development Center, she has provided personal, academic, and career counseling, coordinated Academic Advisement and taught in the Developmental Studies program. She currently is involved with overseeing the college's Student Responsibility Initiative, offering workshops for both faculty and staff as JCC takes on the challenge of creating a culture of responsibility using On Course principles to help students become more engaged, responsible, and successful learners.  She holds both bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Connecticut and is an On Course Facilitator.

This pre-conference workshop offered so many valuable and insightful suggestions for actively engaging students in their education. It is wonderful and well worth taking the extra day. I cannot wait to get the rest of the faculty and staff at my college on board. -Valerie Pilmaier, Marian College, WI


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