2011 National Tribal GIS Conference

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Monday, October 24, 2011

Special Interest Workshops (limited seating)


Monday October 24, 2011 (Optional Workshops)

1. Workshop 1- Introduction to ArcGIS Desktop 10
(Beginner Level, hands on, indoor session)
This workshop introduces students to ArcGIS 10 and provides a foundation for becoming a successful ArcGIS user. Participants will gain exposure to ArcMap including fundamental GIS concepts such as how to create, edit, and analyze spatial data. 

2. Workshop 3- Mobile GIS Data Collection using TerraSync and Pathfinder Office 
(Beginner Level, hands on, indoor and outdoor session)
This workshop introduces basic tasks and knowledge needed to use GPS Pathfinder Office software interface, create and transfer a data dictionary to a Trimble GPS device for field use. Download and process GPS data files collected in the field, export shp files for use in ArcGIS. This workshop will also cover basic information and skills required to utilize TerraSync field software to interpret GPS skyplot's, create rover data files, create point features and line/area features.

3. Workshop 2- Introduction to Maps on the Web
(Advance Level, hands on, indoor session)
Learn how to create and publish map services through ArcGIS Server.  This workshop will use the maps we developed in ArcGIS desktop in the first workshop. We will use ArcGIS Server to publish these maps as map services which can then be used by several different clients such as ArcGIS.com, ArcGIS Explorer and other web applications.  We will learn more about how to publish to ArcGIS.com and how to use the data and applications on ArcGIS.com.  We will also learn about some different clients that can consume or use these maps once they have been published through ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS.com.

4. Workshop 4- Collect and Maintain Road Data within GIS: Planning and I.R.R. Submittal
(Intermediate level, indoor session) 
The purpose of this workshop is to provide both entry and intermediate level transportation planners and entry and intermediate level GIS users with the knowledge of what I.R.R. is and what components are required for I.R.R. inventory submittal. Participants will then be able to take those components/requirements and begin to create, build and save a map template in ArcMap for strip maps. Participants will be shown what information to include within an ideal GIS and map template for I.R.R. inventory submittal. This workshop will be led by Tribal GIS members.   

5. Workshop 5- Exploring Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in Subsurface Imagery
(Demonstration, some hands on, indoor & outdoor session)
This workshop will demonstrate to participants how to use Ground Penetrating Radar to locate subsurface anomalies. This session will provide basic information about GPR, how to use GPR in the field, and processing data through the Radan software. We will explore images of anomalies in 2D and 3D views through Radan. Participants will also touch on how GPR and GPS can work together.   


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