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Event Surveys

Event surveys by RegOnline

Curious how to eliminate the guesswork and get more insights into your events? Surveys from RegOnline help you gather important feedback from your attendees. Effortlessly send event surveys online or via your mobile phone, and report on the outcomes to better understand what attendees like and dislike about your events.

Create Custom Surveys with Unlimited Questions

Match your survey design to your event website and add limitless questions (including conditional logic formatting).

Access Instant Reports for Data Insights

Send event surveys automatically and track results in real-time.

Go Mobile

Encourage attendees to complete surveys directly from an iPhone, Android, or tablets.

Go Green

Eliminate excess paper by using electronic surveys for your event.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

View detailed reports, graphs, and charts with cross-event data.

You're Just a Few Clicks Away from a Great Event!

The success of your event is our #1 priority. If your event isn’t a smashing success, then the first 100 registrations to your next event are on us.

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