Cange Bread & Water Campaign

The Gifts of Bread and Water

    In 1984, the people of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Cange, Haiti, realized the dream of fresh, safe water for this small village.  This gift of water was the foundation for the transformation of Cange into a vibrant community with a church, hospital, clinics, schools, artisan center, and community agricultural projects.  Since that time, the population has increased from about 800 to over 8,000, taxing the now aging water system and courting a potential humanitarian crisis.  Though it has served the community commendably, the water system urgently needs to be replaced.  The cost estimate of this aspect of The Gifts of Bread and Water Campaign is $600,000.

    In 2003, another facet of our partnership in Cange began as a small garden plot to provide vegetables for the hospital and schools.  This project has grown tremendously, providing supplemental nutrition for hundreds of children and their families.  A new facility is needed to better accommodate this vital nutritional production program.  Included in this project will be the development of a vocational school to provide education on sustainable agriculture and other skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century.  The cost estimate of this aspect of The Gifts of Bread and Water Campaign is $400,000.

All campaign funds directly support work in Cange; labor is performed by Haitians and supplies are purchased in Haiti where possible.

Now, in response to the crisis that the earthquake has created, we have added an option to direct your donation to the rescue efforts in Cange through the Bread and Water Fund to ensure the viability of the local water supply, which is a mainstay of our ministries there, and support immediate needs in Cange as necessary, including the hospital, which is now receiving an immense influx of injured.

The crisis in Haiti has not passed. The need immediately to complete our work to replace the worn-out water system at Cnge has become even more critical as those in need of emergency health care due to the earthquake, children left orphaned, and other refugees from Port au Prince have flooded into Cange, putting a tremendous strain on an already inadequate and contaminated water system. Additionally the need for the vocational school to begin classes has been accentuated by the population growth and the lack of employment. The demand for the increased production of our nutritional products to fight malnutrition has also grown dramatically.

You now have a chance to make a tremendous difference in the lives of our friends in Haiti, thanks to the generosity of one Upper South Carolinian who has offered to match your contributions to the Bread and Water Fund, up to $200,000. Please take advantage of this opportunity to double the effect of your gift by contributing today.


Cange Bread & Water Campaign

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