Complying with Title IX and Promoting Academic Freedom, Is This Possible?

Gulfport, Florida
Monday, June 13, 2016

Complying with Title IX and Promoting Academic Freedom, Is This Possible?

Monday, June 13, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Stetson University College of Law
Gulfport, Florida 33707
United States

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This ​webinar ​will ​provide ​an ​understanding ​of ​how ​the ​courts ​currently ​treat ​academic ​freedom ​and ​administrative ​autonomy, ​as ​well ​as ​the ​role ​of ​the ​Department ​of ​Education’s ​Office ​for ​Civil ​Rights ​guidance ​in ​protecting ​First ​Amendment/academic ​freedom ​rights ​in ​the ​context ​of ​higher ​education. ​Furthermore, ​detailed ​and ​practical ​suggestions ​will ​be ​offered ​for ​how ​to ​effectively ​calibrate ​school ​policies ​in ​a ​manner ​which ​improves ​the ​efficacy ​of ​Title ​IX ​response ​systems ​while ​protecting ​and ​promoting ​academic ​freedom. ​
Such ​measures ​include, ​but ​are ​not ​necessarily ​limited ​to: ​
• evaluating ​Title ​IX ​policies ​and ​procedures ​with ​respect ​to ​First ​Amendment ​requirements; ​
• making ​specific ​improvements ​on ​instructional ​design ​and ​delivery; ​
• understanding ​the ​interrelation ​of ​OCR’s ​Title ​IX ​Guidance ​with ​the ​2003 ​guidance ​on ​hate ​speech; ​
• effective ​training ​initiatives ​for ​Title ​IX ​investigators ​and ​others ​on ​“hostile ​environment”; ​
• and ​improving ​communication ​with ​faculty ​about ​new ​and ​emerging ​Title ​IX ​mandates.
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