The Defender Initiative's Fourth Annual Conference on Public Defense

Seattle, Washington
Friday, March 07, 2014

The Defender Initiative's Fourth Annual Conference on Public Defense

Friday, March 07, 2014 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (Pacific Time)

SU School of Law, Sullivan Hall, Room C5
Seattle University School of Law
901 12th Avenue, Sullivan Hall
Seattle, Washington 98122-1090
United States

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The ​Defender ​Initiative ​will ​hold ​its ​Fourth ​Annual ​Conference ​on ​Public ​Defense ​March ​7, ​2014 ​at ​Seattle ​University ​School ​of ​Law. ​Many ​defenders ​and ​assigned ​counsel ​are ​wondering ​what ​the ​next ​steps ​will ​be ​in ​the ​implementation ​of ​the ​new ​Supreme ​Court ​certification ​rule ​on ​standards. ​This ​Conference ​will ​answer ​those ​questions ​and ​include ​discussion ​of ​the ​study ​of ​case ​weighting ​of ​misdemeanor ​cases.

The ​conference ​also ​will ​address ​the ​implications ​of ​the ​Saintcalle ​decision ​on ​race ​bias ​in ​jury ​selection. ​That ​panel ​will ​include ​Justice ​Charles ​Wiggins, ​who ​wrote ​the ​lead ​opinion, ​Professor ​and ​former ​public ​defender ​Anna ​Roberts, ​the ​lawyer ​who ​argued ​Saintcalle, ​Lila ​Silverstein, ​and ​Jeff ​Robinson, ​veteran ​criminal ​defense ​attorney.

Another ​panel ​will ​discuss ​how ​defenders ​can ​effectively ​address ​their ​clients’ ​civil ​legal ​issues ​both ​before ​and ​after ​sentencing.

Members ​of ​the ​team ​that ​won ​the ​Wilbur ​case ​in ​Federal ​Court ​against ​two ​Washington ​cities ​because ​of ​systemic ​failure ​to ​provide ​effective ​representation ​will ​discuss ​implications ​of ​that ​decision.

The ​lunch ​time ​keynote ​speaker ​will ​be ​Seattle ​University ​School ​of ​Law ​Professor ​and ​former ​public ​defender ​Janet ​Ainsworth ​discussing ​how ​defenders ​can ​prevent ​wrongful ​convictions ​caused ​by ​false ​confessions.

The ​final ​panel ​of ​the ​day ​will ​address ​"New ​Directions ​in ​Policing ​to ​Reduce ​Racial ​Disparities ​in ​Enforcement" ​and ​will ​feature ​Seattle ​Police ​Assistant ​Chief ​Jim ​Pugel, ​Reverend ​Harriett ​Walden ​of ​Mothers ​for ​Police ​Accountability, ​and ​Lisa ​Daugaard, ​Interim ​Deputy ​Public ​Defender ​for ​King ​County.

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