Thanks to generous sponsorship commitments, tickets to the 2017 For Women, Forever event are sold out. For questions about your registration or information about the event, please contact Renee Scherick at 330-436-5612 or You can also recognize Savannah James, Marie Covington or your personal SHEro by making gifts in their names at Thank you for your dedication to uplifting women and girls. We're grateful for your support!


Join ​the ​Women's ​Endowment ​Fund ​for ​its ​signature ​fundraiser, ​"For ​Women, ​Forever." ​The ​event ​celebrates ​women ​as ​philanthropists ​and ​raises ​money ​for ​the ​endowment, ​which ​supports ​local ​women ​and ​girls. ​This ​​year's ​​event ​​will ​​feature ​Savannah ​James, ​a ​renowned ​businesswoman, ​philanthropist, ​wife, ​mother, ​and ​founder ​of ​the ​I ​PROMise ​Makeover.

The ​Women's ​Endowment ​Fund ​is ​a ​fund ​of ​Akron ​Community ​Foundation, ​a ​501(c)(3) ​public ​charity. ​

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