2017 Event Registration is currently closed.
 Should you have any questions, please contact Fletcher Pilates at (520) 615-0215.

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Join ​us ​for ​the ​Fletcher ​Pilates® ​Biennial ​Event! ​We ​are ​thrilled ​to ​convene ​our ​international ​community ​to ​celebrate ​our ​passion ​for ​movement ​and ​Pilates. ​You ​can ​look ​forward ​to ​participating ​in ​movement ​classes ​and ​workshops ​taught ​by ​highly ​experienced ​teachers ​from ​around ​the ​world. ​Thought-provoking ​discussions, ​presentations, ​performances ​and ​evening ​events ​will ​make ​this ​a ​very ​full ​weekend! ​

Registration ​Fees:
Early ​Registration ​through ​- ​(12/01/16 ​- ​01/15/16) ​- ​$550
Registration ​through ​- ​(01/16/16 ​- ​03/01/17) ​- ​$650 ​
Late ​Registration ​through ​- ​(03/01/17 ​- ​05/1/17) ​- ​$750
*All ​fees ​are ​in ​USD.

Registration ​Includes:
Classes ​and ​Workshops
Lunch ​on ​Friday
Lunch ​and ​Dinner ​on ​Saturday

Pre-Conference ​- ​May ​4, ​2017

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