Early Bird Rate: 
$350.00 (extended to 30 June 2017)  |  Standard Rate: $450.00
To qualify, you must be an executive or employee of a company that owns or operates restaurants, as a franchisor, franchisee or independent. All registrations will be reviewed by event management to ensure attendees meet our qualification criteria.

Non-Qualified Attendee Fee: $2,995
Non-Qualified registration is for attendees employed by organisations whose customers are mainly other businesses (B2B).

Franchise Brokers/Consultants: $1,295.00


Some ​of ​the ​fastest ​growing ​chains ​in ​the ​restaurant ​industry ​are ​the ​ones ​embracing ​innovation ​throughout ​their ​operations. ​The ​Restaurant ​Franchising ​& ​Innovation ​Summit ​will ​explore ​how ​limited-service ​chains ​can ​leverage ​innovation ​in ​a ​variety ​forms ​— ​from ​experience ​innovation ​to ​kitchen ​innovation ​to ​menu ​innovation ​and ​beyond ​— ​as ​a ​catalyst ​for ​franchise ​expansion.

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