Thank you for your interest in Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training with Cesar Millan.  This event is now sold out, please check the website for our 2018 dates.

The Cesar Millan Training Team


Training Cesar's Way is proud to announce Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training II -- an all-new program only for graduates of Fundamentals I.

Fundamentals II takes you beyond the foundations into the core values of pack leadership with a focus on intention and energy. The hands-on program puts you on center stage, working with dogs in real-life scenarios under Cesar Millan’s personal guidance. You will learn to master each situation using your own energy and body language – going beyond your comfort zone in learning how to be calm and assertive.

Learn more about Fundamentals II here. Spaces are limited and we expect a full house -- so register as soon as possible to ensure your place. We look forward to seeing you again!

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