Sorry, Midwest Writers Workshop 2017 is currently full.

Jama Kehoe Bigger
MWW Director

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Professional ​guidance ​you’re ​looking ​for! ​Midwest ​Writers ​Workshop ​helps ​writers ​become ​published ​authors! ​The ​mission ​of ​MWW ​is ​to ​give ​all ​writers ​the ​opportunity ​to ​improve ​their ​craft, ​to ​associate ​with ​highly ​credentialed ​professionals, ​and ​to ​network ​with ​other ​writers.
We ​have ​45+ ​different ​instructional ​sessions ​with ​top ​quality ​faculty ​during ​our ​three-day ​program ​on ​everything ​from ​fiction ​to ​nonfiction, ​marketing, ​and ​ways ​to ​get ​your ​creative ​juices ​flowing. ​Thursday ​focuses ​on ​genre-specific ​intensive ​sessions. ​Friday ​and ​Saturday ​are ​packed ​with ​sessions ​on ​the ​craft ​of ​writing ​and ​the ​business ​of ​writing.

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