The Designing Your Life for Women Retreat scheduled for April 22-23 has sold out.  We invite you to share your contact information with us below by registering for our Wait list.  We will contact waitlist registrants on a first come first served basis in the event of a cancellation and if you have given us your information by March 30 we will offer you the early bird price if you are later admitted.  In addition, by signing up for the waitlist you will be invited for pre-public release registration to our next event.  Thank you and we hope to see you at an event in the future!


“Designing ​​Your ​​Life ​​for ​​Women” ​​is ​​an ​​intensive, ​​hands-on ​​experience ​​where ​​you ​​will ​​learn ​​and ​​apply ​​the ​​Life ​​Design ​​Framework ​​© ​​from ​​the ​​best-selling ​​book ​​Designing ​​Your ​​Life ​​- ​​How ​​to ​​Build ​​a ​​Well-Lived, ​​Joyful ​​Life. ​​ ​​We ​​will ​​use ​​“design ​​thinking” ​​methods ​​and ​​tools ​​to ​​determine ​​what’s ​​working ​​for ​​you ​​now, ​​what's ​​missing ​​and ​​how ​​you ​​could ​​move ​​forward ​​to ​​create ​​the ​​life ​​you ​​seek. ​​You ​​will ​​do ​​all ​​this ​​with ​​lots ​​of ​​time ​​for ​​reflection, ​​dialogue, ​​and ​​small ​​group ​​activities. ​​ ​​ ​

Retreat ​​Price: ​​The ​​price ​​for ​​the ​​retreat ​​is ​​$950.00. ​​ ​​Register ​​and ​​pay ​​by ​​March ​​30th, ​​to ​​get ​​the ​​early ​​bird ​​discounted ​​price ​​of ​​$799. ​​ ​

Included ​​in ​​the ​​retreat ​​package ​​is: ​​ ​
• one ​​hour ​​pre-retreat ​​call ​​on ​​April ​​20th, ​​2017 ​​at ​​9:00am ​​PST, ​​ ​​ ​
• workshop ​​starts ​​April ​​22nd ​​from ​​8:30-6:00 ​​including ​​breakfast, ​​lunch ​​and ​​a ​​wine ​​and ​​cheese ​​reception ​
• workshop ​​continues ​​April ​​23rd, ​​8:30-1:30, ​​including ​​breakfast ​​and ​​lunch. ​
• one ​​hour ​​post-retreat ​​call ​​on ​​May ​​27, ​​2017 ​​at ​​9:30am ​​PST. ​​ ​

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