The Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) Training held on December 6th is now full. To be placed on a wait-list, or to find out how to bring a YMHFA training to your area at no cost, please contact Elizabeth Pease at


Mental ​Health ​First ​Aid ​is ​an ​8-hour ​course ​that ​gives ​people ​the ​skills ​to ​help ​someone ​who ​is ​developing ​a ​mental ​health ​problem ​or ​experiencing ​a ​mental ​health ​crisis. ​The ​evidence ​behind ​the ​program ​demonstrates ​that ​it ​does ​build ​mental ​health ​literacy, ​helping ​the ​public ​identify, ​understand, ​and ​respond ​to ​signs ​of ​mental ​illness. ​

Registration ​will ​be ​from ​7:30am-8:00am, ​with ​the ​session ​starting ​promptly ​at ​8:00am

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