The Continuing Dental Education (CDE) Class you are attempting to register for is SOLD OUT!  We received a large interest in our "50th Annual Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Refresher Course".

If you are absolutely fraught with disappointment, there MAY be last-minute cancellations, and our office MAY be able to accommodate you.  Therefore, please feel free to contact Heidi Utt at or 303-724-8726 to double-check if a seat opened-up.

Furthermore, this course and its (last year's) materials are currently available for purchase (the 2017 materials will become available in December 2017).  We have our MP4 (Video), MP3 (Audio), Thumb-Drive (PowerPoint Presentations), and/or the Printed Book Set.  Participants can purchase any of these items (2016 materials currently in place) here:

Thank you for your continued interest in our Continuing Dental Education Program, and please visit our WEBSITE for additional classes, resources, and information.  Sincerely, Heidi Utt, CDE Manager