Registration is now completely sold out at Becker's Hospital Review 9th Annual Meeting. If interested in hospital events, Becker's holds multiple others throughout the year which you can find information on online HERE.

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This ​exclusive ​conference ​brings ​together ​hospital ​business ​and ​strategy ​leaders ​to ​discuss ​how ​to ​improve ​your ​hospital ​and ​its ​bottom ​line ​in ​these ​challenging ​but ​opportunity-filled ​times.

The ​best ​minds ​in ​the ​hospital ​field ​will ​discuss ​opportunities ​for ​hospitals ​plus ​provide ​practical ​and ​immediately ​useful ​guidance ​on ​ACOs, ​physician-hospital ​integration, ​improving ​profitability ​and ​key ​specialties.

One ​reasonable ​registration ​price ​- ​come ​for ​as ​much ​of ​the ​conference ​as ​you ​would ​like!

Cancellation ​Policy: ​Written ​cancellation ​requests ​must ​be ​received ​within ​120 ​days ​of ​transaction ​or ​by ​March ​1, ​2018, ​whichever ​is ​first. ​ ​Refunds ​are ​subject ​to ​a ​$100 ​processing ​fee. ​Refunds ​will ​not ​be ​made ​after ​this ​date.

***PLEASE ​NOTE: ​Pricing ​increases ​after ​March ​1, ​2018***

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