Registration is now closed to non-provider attendees. Registrants must be employed by a hospital/health system. If you are employed by a hospital/health system and would like to attend, please email REGISTRATION@BECKERSHEALTHCARE.COM and our team can assist in getting you registered.

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This ​exclusive ​conference ​brings ​together ​hospital ​business ​and ​strategy ​leaders ​to ​discuss ​how ​to ​improve ​your ​hospital ​and ​its ​bottom ​line ​in ​these ​challenging ​but ​opportunity-filled ​times.

The ​best ​minds ​in ​the ​hospital ​field ​will ​discuss ​opportunities ​for ​hospitals ​plus ​provide ​practical ​and ​immediately ​useful ​guidance ​on ​ACOs, ​physician-hospital ​integration, ​improving ​profitability ​and ​key ​specialties.

One ​reasonable ​registration ​price ​- ​come ​for ​as ​much ​of ​the ​conference ​as ​you ​would ​like!

Cancellation ​Policy: ​Written ​cancellation ​requests ​must ​be ​received ​within ​120 ​days ​of ​transaction ​or ​by ​March ​1, ​2018, ​whichever ​is ​first. ​ ​Refunds ​are ​subject ​to ​a ​$100 ​processing ​fee. ​Refunds ​will ​not ​be ​made ​after ​this ​date.

***PLEASE ​NOTE: ​Pricing ​increases ​after ​March ​1, ​2018***

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