Online registration is now closed. We will have 25 tickets available at the door, $75 each. Check or credit cards accepted. Please come dressed to party! If you have any questions please TEXT 720-339-5911 and we will try our best to get back to you.


Join ​the ​Growe ​Foundation ​for ​Savor ​& ​Sample, ​an ​unforgettable ​evening ​featuring ​local ​chefs ​preparing ​farm ​fresh ​ingredients. ​You'll ​also ​enjoy ​a ​live ​auction ​with ​one-of-a-kind ​items ​and ​the ​music ​of ​the ​Otis ​Taylor ​Band. ​Tickets ​are ​$65 ​through ​September ​6th ​and ​increase ​to ​$75 ​at ​that ​time.

Tickets ​and ​donations ​will ​directly ​support ​Growe ​to ​further ​develop ​and ​expand ​our ​Garden ​to ​Table ​Program ​to ​promote ​healthy ​eating ​and ​environmental ​awareness ​with ​kids ​around ​Colorado. ​We ​have ​the ​generous ​support ​of ​anonymous ​match ​donor ​for ​up ​to ​$20,000 ​to ​help ​your ​donations ​make ​twice ​the ​impact.

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