The following form to submit payment is for currently admitted participants in the E-Scholars program. The E-Scholars program is made available to participants by application only and submitting payment does not guarantee you a spot in the cohort. To gain acceptance, you must be formally admitted through the E-Scholars application process.

The Entrepreneurship Scholars program is designed to accelerate idea-stage and early-stage ventures. Participants gain access to academically-grounded content, a network of mentors and industry experts and a diverse cohort group to help propel their ventures to the next level. The cohorts are typically composed of 50% students completing the program for academic credit and 50% members of the community. Students completing the program for academic credit only pay the tuition of the courses related to E-Scholars. DO NOT submit payment for E-Scholars tuition using this form.

The E-Scholars who are not participating in the program for academic credit earn a non-academic certificate for completing two content modules each priced at $500. Ventures that pay for both modules up front receive a 20% discount on the total $1,000 price. Ventures with at least one founder or co-founder who is a verifiable graduate (undergraduate, graduate, or professional) of any UMKC School, College, or Program, receive a 20% discount. Please contact E-Scholars leadership, who will then verify your alumni status, for a discount code. Please note that the two discounts DO NOT compound upon one another, and that only one discount may be applied to each venture’s total program fee.

Payments for the E-Scholars program are NOT refundable.

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