The ​fourth ​OPNFV ​Plugfest ​will ​take ​place ​the ​week ​of December 4 ​​in Portland, Oregon ​at ​the ​facilities ​of ​OPNFV ​member ​company, ​Intel. The event will focus on interoperability of the OPNFV platform in deployment, network integration, VNF applications, etc. The ​Plugest ​is ​open ​to ​both ​members ​and ​non-members. OPNFV will work to accommodate as many participants as possible, but may require a limit on the number of individuals from each participating company, due to logistics of the plugfest space. OPNFV Hackfest will again be co-located with the Plugfest. Registrations must be received by Friday, November 24 at 11:59 PST

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