***We are proud to announce the Lee Hect Harrison Program has reached max capacity and can no longer accept applicants. Please contact the Former Player Services Department at 800-372-2000 for further information on how to proceed if you are looking for assistance in transitioning careers.***


The ​NFLPA ​Former ​Player ​Services ​Department ​is ​proud ​to ​announce ​the ​Career ​Transition ​Services ​Program, ​a ​partnership ​with ​career ​transition ​experts ​Lee ​Hecht ​Harrison ​(LHH) ​for ​our ​players ​that ​ended ​their ​careers ​with ​less ​than ​two ​years ​in ​the ​NFL. ​LHH ​is ​the ​NFLPA’s ​partner ​for ​working ​with ​our ​players ​so ​they ​can ​work ​to ​become ​job ​ready ​and ​compete ​in ​the ​job ​market. ​Working ​with ​LHH, ​you’ll ​have ​a ​serious ​competitive ​advantage ​with ​access ​to ​certified ​career ​coaches, ​information ​and ​technology ​that ​will ​make ​your ​career ​move ​smooth ​and ​successful.

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