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Terms and Conditions

By submitting an application to be considered as a SHINE Summer Mission Team member you are agreeing to be:

* One who is proud of their Catholic faith.
* One who is not afraid to share their faith. 
* One who is open to serving others.
* One who thinks positive.
* One who believes in others.
* One who has a sense of humor.
* One who can get up early and stay up late.
* One who can be spontaneous and creative. 
* One who is not afraid to think outside the box.
* One who can take constructive criticism.
* One who doesn't mind getting messy from time to time.
* One who attends daily mass (at SHINE)
* One who is open to praying with others.
* One who doesn't mind doing things that are asked of them.
* One who is open to stepping in and helping other staff members when needed.
* One who is not afraid to ask other team members for help when needed.
* One who is not lazy or a "slacker".
* One who loves to travel.
* One who enjoys playing with kids.
* One who loves to worship.
* One who LOVES GOD!!!!!

If this is you...then SHINE may be looking for someone like you. Continue filling out your profile and your application will be reviewed.