Thank you for your interest in America Working Forward at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on October 16, 2017. This event is now at capacity.

The event will be webcasted live and the link will be available on the America Working Forward event page


You ​are ​invited ​to ​join ​the ​U.S. ​Chamber ​of ​Commerce ​Foundation ​for ​America ​Working ​Forward, ​a ​premier ​national ​workforce ​conference ​that ​will ​showcase ​employer-led ​solutions ​to ​closing ​the ​skills ​gap—solutions ​that ​are ​benefiting ​workers, ​companies, ​and ​the ​communities ​where ​they ​live ​and ​grow.

When: ​October ​16, ​2017
Registration ​and ​breakfast: ​8:00 ​a.m. ​– ​9:00 ​a.m.
Main ​program: ​9:00 ​a.m. ​– ​1:00 ​p.m.
Talent ​Pipeline ​Management ​Breakouts ​(optional ​for ​general ​audience): ​1:00 ​p.m. ​– ​4:30 ​p.m. ​with ​a ​reception ​following
Where: ​1615 ​H ​Street ​NW, ​Washington, ​DC ​20062

America ​Working ​Forward ​will ​bring ​together ​employers, ​education ​and ​training ​providers, ​and ​policymakers ​from ​across ​the ​country ​to ​discuss ​innovative ​approaches ​to ​improve ​recruiting, ​training, ​and ​retaining ​workers ​and ​propel ​the ​economy. ​We’ll ​hear ​from ​employers, ​state ​leaders, ​and ​real ​people ​impacted ​by ​the ​workforce ​challenges ​and ​opportunities ​that ​exist ​today ​and ​as ​we ​look ​towards ​the ​future.
Let’s ​explore ​together ​how ​we’ll ​move ​America ​Forward. ​

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