Thank you for your interest in the Fundamentals of Dog Behavior I/II program.  The Fundamentals II program is now sold-out, if you would like to attend the Fundamentals I program there are still a few spots available. The Fall registration will open at the end of the April for those of you who would prefer to wait for the September back-to-back program.


Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I and II offer the unprecedented opportunity to study and learn for nine days with Cesar Millan, the world's most noted dog behaviorist.

About the program

You'll begin with Fundamentals I, a five-day program that provides a foundation for having a balanced, fulfilled dog and to become the best Pack Leader you can be.!

After two days off, you'll experience Fundamentals II. This four-day hands-on program puts you at center stage, working with dogs in real-life scenarios under Cesar Millan’s personal guidance. You will learn to master each situation using your own energy and body language – going beyond your comfort zone and learning how to be calm and assertive.

More details

Taught at Cesar’s famous Dog Psychology Center, thirty minutes outside of Los Angeles, California, this unique training package is designed for dog owners and trainers who want to enhance their relationship with their dogs and learn Cesar's techniques for Pack Leadership.

The fee for this very special package is only $10,400. That's a significant savings over taking these programs separately. You'll also save on travel costs, since you will make only one trip to California.

Get complete information about Fundamentals I here.

Learn more about Fundamentals II here.

We look forward to seeing you at the DPC!

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