We have reached capacity for the hackathon and are no longer able to accept new registrations.  We are excited by the incredible interest in this event and look forward to your participation in a future Hyperledger meeting.  If you have further questions or concerns, please contact events@hyperledger.org


Exploring ​Identity ​and ​Sustainable ​Supply ​Chain ​Challenges ​and ​Opportunities, ​brought ​to ​you ​by ​Accenture ​and ​Hyperledger

 ​Digital ​identity ​and ​sustainable ​supply ​chain ​are ​two ​of ​the ​hottest ​blockchain ​application ​areas. ​Accenture ​and ​Hyperledger ​are ​delighted ​to ​host ​the ​first ​Blockchain-based ​Hackathon ​devoted ​to ​exploring ​solutions ​in ​these ​two ​emerging ​areas. ​

Bring ​your ​laptop, ​your ​coding ​skills ​and ​your ​desire ​to ​change ​the ​world. ​We’ll ​provide ​an ​inspiring ​place ​to ​collaborate ​with ​top ​blockchain ​experts ​from ​Accenture ​and ​Hyperledger.

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