We are pleased to announce that the next Cracking the Nut conference will take place on June 12-13, 2018 in Antigua, Guatemala at the Hotel Soleil La Antigua and will focus on encouraging the uptake of new technologies for agriculture and access to finance, in a way that promotes resilience. Connexus Corporation is working with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), USAID, Feed the Future, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), and Chemonics International to organize a two-day learning event and technology fair, which will highlight the broad range of technologies and approaches available to mitigate and adapt to global changes related to rural and agricultural development. By bringing together some of the leading experts in sustainable agriculture from the private sector, governments, donors and development practitioners, we will identify ways to work together more efficiently and effectively to address global hunger and climate change. As always, the conference benefits from an Advisory Committee, comprised of some of the top public and private sector change agents in agribusiness and technology development, finance, and investment, who will identify interesting speakers and panelists and will oversee a competitive selection of presenters for break-out sessions. This two-day event will bring together approximately 300 of the world’s leading industry thought leaders from private sector companies, financial institutions, investors, donors, and development practitioners to discuss “tough nuts” related to promoting agriculture technology adoption and resilience.

Conference sessions will showcase competitively selected best practices through three focused themes:

Introducing Technologies in Support of Climate Resilience: What technologies and approaches can help to reduce vulnerability and adapt to climate changes while maintaining or improving productivity? What steps are involved in introducing and scaling use of new technologies to smallholders? How can technology be used to reduce food waste, minimize use of water and chemicals, and attract youth to agribusiness? What public and private sector investments in climate change have resulted in cost savings and improved performance?

Promoting Sustainable Natural Resource Use and Poverty Reduction: How can we balance concerns for environmental protection with poverty reduction? What actions promote climate resilience while contributing to productivity and mitigation of greenhouse gases? What can we do to promote the recovery of degraded lands and the protection of water resources and ecosystems? What types of aquaculture and fisheries offer reasonable cost protein, needed for food security? How can we reduce food waste and promote healthy nutrition? What roles have school feeding programs and public private partnerships had in reducing childhood stunting?

Using Digital Platforms to Facilitate Agricultural Knowledge & Finance: How can we forge and strengthen links between rural smallholders and their access to agricultural knowledge and financial services? How can technology be used to facilitate climate resilient actions? How can community-based investment funds be linked to the formal financial system to expand financial inclusion to rural and vulnerable populations? What innovative technologies are being implemented to promote productivity and climate resilience? What technology aspects are particularly appealing to women and youth?

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Cracking the Nut Conference (regular): 795 USD
Cracking the Nut Conference + Ag VCF Training (regular): 1690 USD

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