Registration for the 2018 Global Retailing Conference is now closed. 

Information regarding the 2019 will be made available at

For further assistance, please contact:

Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing
Phone: 520.621.1715

McClelland Park - Room 406
650 N. Park Avenue
PO Box 210078
Tucson, AZ 85721-0078


For ​22 ​years, ​the ​Global ​Retailing ​Conference ​has ​consistently ​delivered ​practical ​information, ​proven ​techniques ​and ​ground-breaking ​ideas ​that ​enable ​individuals ​and ​organizations ​to ​succeed ​in ​the ​intensely ​competitive, ​global ​marketplace.
This ​year's ​conference:
› ​Presents ​the ​best ​thinking ​of ​retail ​innovators ​whose ​strategies ​will ​determine ​tomorrow’s ​most ​successful ​industry ​trends.
› ​Invites ​the ​audience ​to ​listen ​in ​on ​discussions ​with ​industry ​luminaries, ​moderated ​by ​Macy’s ​Executive ​Chairman ​and ​Chairman ​of ​the ​Board ​of ​Directors ​Terry ​J. ​Lundgren.
› ​Attracts ​global ​participation ​from ​retailers ​across ​all ​levels ​of ​industry ​operations, ​academicians, ​and ​university ​students ​interested ​in ​first-hand ​knowledge ​about ​industry ​challenges ​and ​opportunities.

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