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4th ​of ​July ​Big ​Apple ​Baseball ​Tour ​# ​4

Monday, ​July ​2, ​2018 ​- ​Boston ​Red ​Sox ​@ ​Washington ​Nationals ​- ​Nationals ​Park
Tuesday, ​July ​3, ​2018 ​- ​Baltimore ​Orioles ​@ ​Philadelphia ​Phillies ​- ​Citizen's ​Bank ​Park
Wednesday, ​July ​4, ​2018 ​- ​Atlanta ​Braves ​@ ​New ​York ​Yankees ​- ​Yankee ​Stadium
Thursday, ​July ​5, ​2018 ​- ​Free ​Day ​in ​New ​York ​City ​- ​Midtown ​Manhattan
Friday, ​July ​6, ​2018 ​- ​Tampa ​Bay ​Rays ​@ ​New ​York ​Mets ​- ​Citi ​Field
Saturday, ​July ​7, ​2018 ​– ​Check ​Out ​of ​New ​York ​City ​- ​Midtown ​Manhattan ​Hotel

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