We are sorry, all exhibit booths are booked.  If you like, we will place you on a wait list in case that additional space becomes available.

If you would like to be added to the wait list, enter your email address and click Add Yourself to Wait list. When a spot becomes available, you will be sent an email instructing you how to complete your registration.


Features ​of ​the ​2018 ​FIAAA ​Conference ​to ​ensure ​the ​exhibitors ​contact ​with ​the ​attendants, ​include:
• Set-up ​Friday, ​May ​4th ​– ​9:00 ​am ​to ​5:00 ​pm
• Exhibits ​Open ​
o Friday, ​May ​4th ​– ​5:30 ​pm ​to ​9:00 ​pm
o Saturday, ​May ​5th ​– ​9:00 ​am ​to ​9:00 ​pm
o Sunday, ​May ​6th ​– ​7:30 ​am ​to ​12:00 ​noon
• Vendor ​reception ​– ​Saturday, ​May ​5th ​– ​6:15 ​pm ​to ​8:15 ​pm
• Door ​Prize ​Drawings ​in ​the ​Exhibit ​areas
• Breaks ​in ​the ​Exhibit ​areas
• Early ​Bird ​Golf ​Tournament ​at ​Eagle ​Creek ​Golf ​Course ​– ​Friday, ​May ​4th ​– ​7:00 ​am
• List ​of ​conference ​attendees ​will ​be ​furnished ​by ​the ​FIAAA

Direct ​questions ​to ​Mike ​Colby ​at ​mcolby@fiaaa.org ​or ​call ​352-372-9551 ​ext. ​380

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