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This years Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise of Leadership Course is now SOLD OUT. 

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Being ​​A ​​Leader ​​And ​​The ​​Effective ​​Exercise ​​Of ​​Leadership: ​​ ​
An ​​Ontological/Phenomenological ​​Model ​

This ​​graduate ​​level ​​leadership ​​program ​​is ​​being ​​offered ​​in ​​an ​​8-day ​retreat ​​format ​​tailored ​​for ​business, ​academic, ​organization ​​and ​​community ​​leaders. ​​Come ​​discover ​​what ​​it ​​looks ​​like ​​to ​​BE ​​a ​​leader ​​as ​​your ​​natural ​​self-expression ​​in ​​all ​​circumstances. ​​ ​

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