Thank you so much for your interest in Lean On: Alabama and this event! We are currently sold out, but we hope that you will be able to attend a future event. 

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We wish you wisdom, hope, faith, and friendship!


Lean On: Alabama


Enjoy ​lunch ​with ​women ​who ​support ​the ​Lean ​On: ​Alabama ​mission ​of ​empowering ​and ​supporting ​women ​through ​intergenerational ​relationships. ​Hear ​from ​speaker ​and ​author ​Kathy ​Hayes ​( ​about ​her ​life's ​journey ​and ​how ​she ​has ​supported ​and ​been ​supported ​by ​leaning ​on ​the ​women ​in ​her ​life! ​Lunch ​is ​free ​but ​space ​is ​limited!

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