Our new Strengthening Student Motivation Workshop uses our REACH Framework to help schools measure and improve student motivation. This workshop will introduce you research-based strategies to bring you on a personal journey to learn about the way that kids internalize learning.

The letters in REACH summarize the components of our REACH Framework: Relationships, Effort, Aspiration, Cognition, and Heart.

Each workshop includes the REACH Strategies Guidebook which features lesson and projects (called Anchor Activities) These are the tools and strategies that educators can apply to help students bolster their social and emotional skills.

This introduction workshop prepares educators to use the tools and approaches of the REACH Framework to build young people’s character strengths, often called non-cognitive skills. The following topics are included:

  • Introduction to the importance of character strengths
  • Development of character strengths
  • Academic motivation and persistence
  • Key ideas for implementing The REACH Framework
  • Anchor Activities and REACH Techniques for educators to strengthen students’ academic motivation.

Each participant will receive a free copy of the REACH Strategies Guidebook.

Price: $695.00 (includes REACH guidebook, workshop materials, breakfast, refreshments) Lunch on your own in the Mall.

For ​more ​information, ​contact ​Mary ​Shrader ​at ​or ​call ​800-888-7828, Ext. 526.

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