UCLA's Royce Hall is located at:
10745 Dickson Court
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Voice Awards Event: 7:30 p.m. Royce Hall Theater.
Doors and Pre-Event: 6 p.m. West Lobby and on the Ahmanson Terrace.

If you have any questions about the event or your registration, please contact us at 716-864-4631 or voiceawards@vancomm.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Theater parking is available in Parking Structure #2. From Sunset, turn onto Hilgard, then turn right onto Westholme to enter campus. Parking is free to our attendees and opens at 5 pm. Please tell the attendant that you are there for the Voice Awards. Vans will be running for those who would like a ride to the theater. Van pick up is located on Charles E Young Drive. 

Handicapped Accessible parking spaces are located in Dickson Court. From Hilgard, turn right onto Wyton to enter campus, turn left onto Charles E Young Drive East and proceed to Dickson Court. Wheelchair assistance will be available at the flagpole. ADA parking is free to our attendees and opens at 5 pm. Please tell the attendant that you are there for the Voice Awards.

Travel light: We do not have a coat check. For safety reasons, we do not permit luggage, oversized bags, backpacks or large purses on site. 

The following items are NOT PERMITTED at UCLA's Royce Hall:

  • tripods 
  • monopods
  • guns
  • weapons
  • toy weapons
  • knives
  • pen knives 
  • pets (except service dogs)
  • scissors
  • aerosol cans, including pepper spray and Mace
  • tools
  • smoking 
  • placards, signs, or banners
Weapons of any type are banned from the premises.

If you are unable to attend the 2018 Voice Awards event in-person, be sure to visit samhsa.gov/voice-awards on Wednesday, August 8, to watch the full LIVE EVENT WEBCAST. The broadcast will begin at 6:15 p.m. PDT (9:15 p.m. EDT) with live interviews from the pre-event followed by the Voice Awards event at 7:30 p.m. PDT (10:30 p.m. EDT)..

How Do I Join the Conversation?
Follow and use #VoiceAwards on social media to share your thoughts about behavioral health, recovery, and treatment.

We look forward to seeing you at tonight's event!


The ​Substance ​Abuse ​and ​Mental ​Health ​Services ​Administration’s ​(SAMHSA) ​Voice ​Awards ​program ​honors ​people ​in ​recovery ​and ​their ​family ​members ​who ​are ​improving ​the ​lives ​of ​people ​with ​mental ​illnesses ​and ​substance ​use ​disorders ​in ​communities ​across ​the ​country. ​The ​awards ​program ​also ​recognizes ​television ​and ​film ​productions ​that ​educate ​the ​public ​about ​behavioral ​health ​and ​showcase ​that ​recovery ​is ​real ​and ​possible ​through ​treatment ​and ​recovery ​supports.

The ​Voice ​Awards ​event ​brings ​together ​government, ​the ​entertainment ​community, ​and ​the ​behavioral ​health ​field ​to ​advance ​acceptance, ​understanding, ​and ​treatment ​of ​mental ​illnesses ​and/or ​substance ​use ​disorders.

7:30 ​p.m. ​PDT
UCLA ​Royce ​Hall ​Theater

6 ​p.m. ​PDT
UCLA ​Royce ​Hall ​West ​Lobby ​and ​Ahmanson ​Terrace

If ​you ​are ​unable ​to ​attend ​the ​2018 ​Voice ​Awards ​event ​in-person, ​be ​sure ​to ​visit ​www.samhsa.gov/voice-awards ​on ​Wednesday, ​August ​8, ​to ​watch ​the ​full ​LIVE ​EVENT ​WEBCAST. ​The ​broadcast ​will ​begin ​at ​6:15 ​p.m. ​PDT ​(9:15 ​p.m. ​EDT) ​with ​interviews ​from ​the ​Voice ​Awards ​Pre-Event ​followed ​by ​the ​Voice ​Awards ​event ​at ​7:30 ​p.m. ​PDT ​(10:30 ​p.m. ​EDT).

To ​register ​to ​attend ​the ​2018 ​Voice ​Awards ​event ​in-person, ​please ​select ​“In-Person ​Attendee” ​from ​the ​drop-down ​menu ​below. ​To ​register ​to ​watch ​the ​live ​event ​webcast ​online, ​please ​select ​“LIVE ​Event ​Webcast ​Viewer.”

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