Unfortunately, the Nundah workshop is fully subscribed. You might like to consider a registration for one of following workshops:

  • Redlands 18 August
  • Eight Mile Plains 25 August
  • Redcliffe/Caboulture 22 September
Alternatively please contact Elizabeth Kloeden for further details.

Elizabeth Kloeden
Professional Standards Office (LCA, Qld District)
0437 252 736


The ​LCA ​Professional ​Standards ​Department ​presents ​this ​Workshop ​to ​be ​hosted ​by ​CONGREGATION. ​ ​

This ​Workshop ​will ​comprise ​of ​two ​sessions:
- ​The ​Standards ​of ​Ethical ​Behaviour ​(SEB) ​- ​4.5 ​hours
- ​Working ​with ​Children ​and ​Youth ​(WCY) ​Team ​Member ​training ​Part ​1 ​- ​1.5 ​hours

The ​cost ​for ​this ​Workshop ​is ​$40.00 ​per ​person. ​This ​will ​be ​invoiced ​to ​your ​congregation ​following ​your ​completion ​of ​the ​training. ​
Please ​note, ​this ​registration ​fee ​includes ​a ​non-refundable ​administration ​charge ​which ​will ​be ​retained ​in ​the ​event ​of ​cancellation ​or ​transfer ​of ​registration.

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