Register here for the 2018 JVM Language Summit or the OpenJDK Committers' Workshop. Both events will take place at the Oracle Auditorium in Santa Clara, each lasting two days. You'll indicate which event you'd like to attend; a single registration allows you to attend both.

The ​JVM ​Language ​Summit ​is ​an ​open ​technical ​collaboration ​among ​language ​designers, ​compiler ​writers, ​tool ​builders, ​runtime ​engineers, ​and ​VM ​architects. ​We ​will ​share ​our ​experiences ​as ​creators ​of ​both ​the ​JVM ​and ​programming ​languages ​for ​the ​JVM. ​We ​also ​welcome ​non-JVM ​developers ​of ​similar ​technologies ​to ​attend ​or ​speak ​on ​their ​runtime, ​VM, ​or ​language ​of ​choice. More details: ​

The OpenJDK Committers' Workshop is an opportunity for OpenJDK Committers and other regular contributors to collaborate on OpenJDK development. The Workshop will begin with a few prepared presentations on the state of the OpenJDK Community and the JDK technical roadmap, but most of the time will be an "unconference" for the discussion of both technical and community issues. More details:

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