The Keeping History Above Water: St. Augustine conference is now sold out. If you were unable to purchase a ticket, we would like to invite you to our events on Sunday, May 5th that are free and open to the public: 

Lewis Auditorium, Flagler College, Granada Street

1:00-4:00 PM Sponsored by the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training-NPS and the University of Florida
A Podcasting Primer: Learning to Launch Your Own Podcast Doug Parsons, Director, America Adapts Media

5:00-7:00 PM  Sponsored by the City of St. Augustine
"The Oldest City: Underwater" award-winning documentary film by Mallory Hopkins, Flagler College, Class of 2018
Sinking Cities: Jacksonville David McGowan, Chief Executive Officer, WJCT
The Water Will Come Jeff Goodell, Author an Contributing Editor to Rolling Stone


**Event ​registration ​is ​now ​closed. ​We ​look ​forward ​to ​seeing ​you ​there!**

Join ​us ​in ​historic ​St. ​Augustine ​for ​a ​program ​addressing ​sea ​level ​rise ​with ​theoretical ​and ​practical ​information ​geared ​to ​city ​planners, ​preservationists, ​architects, ​engineers, ​floodplain ​managers, ​legislators, ​insurers, ​property ​owners, ​and ​other ​decision ​makers. ​Experts ​from ​the ​United ​States ​and ​globally ​will ​provide ​strategies ​for ​immediate ​and ​actionable ​treatments ​that ​can ​assist ​communities ​in ​protecting ​historic ​buildings, ​landscapes, ​and ​neighborhoods ​from ​the ​increasing ​threat ​of ​inundation.

Registration ​fee ​includes:
• Opening ​and ​closing ​reception
• Morning ​coffee ​and ​coffee ​breaks
• Lunch ​on ​Monday

Please ​note ​that ​convenience ​and ​processing ​fees ​will ​be ​added ​to ​registration ​total ​at ​checkout. ​

**Booking ​Your ​Room**
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