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Its April 3rd and unfortunately, the EAPM Presidency is oversubscribed. 

If you wish to attend and to see if it is possible due to a cancellation, please email: Chiara Bernini at:

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Denis Horgan, EAPM Executive Director,
EAPM, Avenue de l'Armee/ Legerlaan 10,
1040 Brussels, Belgium
Ph: + 32 4725 35 104

About EAPM
The European Alliance for Personalised Medicine brings together Europe's leading healthcare experts and patient advocates to improve patient care by accelerating the development, delivery and uptake of personalised medicine and diagnostics.

It is calling for the European Commission, the European Parliament and EU member states to help improve the regulatory environment so that patients can have early access to personalised medicine, and so that research is boosted.


The ​European ​Alliance ​for ​Personalised ​Medicine ​(EAPM) ​will ​hold ​its ​7th ​Presidency ​Conference ​in ​Brussels ​on ​8-9 ​April.

The ​event, ​entitled ​“Forward ​as ​one: ​Healthcare ​Innovation ​and ​the ​need ​for ​policymaker ​engagement”, ​will ​this ​year ​be ​held ​in ​association ​with ​the ​Romanian ​Presidency ​of ​the ​European ​Union, ​which ​runs ​until ​the ​end ​of ​June.

This ​7th ​annual ​conference ​will ​attract ​100s ​of ​Life ​Sciences ​thought ​leaders, ​with ​a ​key ​aim ​of ​the ​event, ​as ​ever, ​being ​to ​allow ​cross-fertilisation ​between ​the ​different ​disease ​and ​policy ​areas, ​allowing ​delegates ​to ​gain ​a ​greater ​depth ​of ​knowledge ​into ​barriers ​in ​the ​field ​of ​personalised ​medicine. ​

Key ​topics ​to ​be ​discussed ​in ​Brussels ​will ​include:

- ​Personalised ​Medicine ​and ​the ​Innovation ​Agenda: ​An ​Integrated ​Approach

- ​Technology ​Developments

- ​Hematology ​- ​Personalised ​Treatments ​and ​Personalised ​Prevention

- ​Pharmaceutical/Diagnostics ​- ​ ​The ​Regulatory ​Framework ​(Part ​I)

- ​Pharmaceutical/Diagnostics ​- ​ ​The ​Regulatory ​Framework ​(Part ​II)

- ​Political ​Will ​and ​Institutional ​Support

Before ​the ​EAPM ​Conference, ​on ​Monday ​8 ​April ​- ​to ​be ​held ​under ​the ​auspices ​of ​the ​Romanian ​Presidency ​of ​the ​EU ​- ​the ​European ​Alliance ​for ​Personalised ​Medicine ​(EAPM) ​and ​the ​European ​Respiratory ​Society ​(ERS) ​will ​be ​holding ​a ​half-day ​roundtable ​on ​the ​topic ​of ​lung ​cancer ​screening.
The ​meeting ​will ​seek ​to ​highlight ​best ​practices ​that ​have ​been ​learned ​and ​developed ​from ​existing ​screening ​programme ​and ​discuss ​how ​to ​adapt ​them, ​where ​necessary, ​for ​lung ​cancer ​screening. ​

The ​conference ​will ​be ​open ​by ​a ​Pre-conference ​dinner ​hold ​in ​the ​European ​Parliament ​(on ​invitation ​only) ​on ​April ​8th. ​The ​theme ​of ​the ​dinner ​will ​be ​"Smart ​Solutions ​for ​bringing ​innovation ​in ​Healthcare" ​. ​

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