Welcome to the 2019 SLC Mid-Singles Conference!

We're excited for you to join us!

The conference dates are Thursday 8/1/19 – Sunday 8/4/19. Conference Schedule:

  • Thursday Night: GO AND PRAY! Temple night.
  • Friday Night: FREE EVENT! GO AND SERVE!
  • Saturday Day: GO AND LEARN!
  • Saturday Night: GO AND PLAY!
  • Sunday: GO AND WORSHIP!

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In order to accurately plan our service event, and make the evening as seamless as possible for those attending and those we are serving, we need to know how many of you will be there! If you are planning on attending, please register for that night using the link below.

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Free Registration for the Service Event on Friday only


* The opportunity to change classes ends on July 20, 2019.

* Refunds for your purchase are not available after July 13, 2019.

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