Online Registration is now closed for CxO Disrupt is don't worry! You can purchased a ticket at the door for $350. 

Please reach out to Amanda at or 312.275.5711 with any questions and see you at CxO Disrupt. 


CxO ​Disrupt: ​The ​Evolution ​of ​the ​C-Suite ​is ​a ​a ​new ​networking ​and ​thought ​leadership ​event ​oriented ​towards ​fostering ​collaboration ​within ​the ​C-Suite ​and ​beyond- ​driven ​by ​the ​disruptive ​transformation ​happening ​in ​technology ​and ​marketing.

The ​event ​kicks ​off ​with ​a ​new ​twist ​on ​last ​year's ​mixology ​team ​building ​experience ​which ​will ​explore ​digital's ​disruption ​in ​the ​customer ​journey ​with ​building ​a ​cocktail!

For ​sponsorship ​opportunities, ​please ​contact ​Amanda ​Hogan, ​Development ​Manager ​at ​(312) ​275-5711 ​or ​,

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