Thank you for your interest in attending the 2018 Smart Culture Conference. THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT. Please contact Molly Carpenter to see if there is any cancellations for an available seat: or (440) 250-7039.

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Today’s ​workforce ​is ​more ​dynamic ​than ​ever, ​so ​it ​demands ​a ​more ​innovative ​approach ​to ​build ​a ​strong ​corporate ​culture. ​Join ​Smart ​Business ​and ​Alliance ​Solutions ​Group ​for ​the ​2018 ​Smart ​Culture ​Conference, ​which ​will ​recognize ​organizations ​that ​have ​developed ​a ​culture ​that ​bolsters ​productivity, ​enhances ​job ​satisfaction ​and ​creates ​a ​competitive ​advantage ​in ​the ​marketplace.

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