This conference is currently over.

See you next year for NP Forum 2019, April 12 2019.

If you have any questions contact Inger Eakin @  780 407 1768

Many thanks, Have a good year.

Inger Eakin, BA, PMP
Project Manager,

Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute

8824 112 Street,  5A8.101

Edmonton, AB  T6G 2B7

Phone:780 407 1768

Fax:       780 407 7834


The NP Forum for Nursing and Allied Health is a professional conference organized by Healthcare Practitioners for all healthcare staff, specially aimed at Nurses and Allied Health Practitioners who practice within the Cardiac realm. For 2018 we will be at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Robbins Pavilion, Robbins Learning Centre.

The overall goal of the conference is to improve cardiac patient care. Annually, we aim to bring together a community of health practitioners from various backgrounds, who are interested in cardiovascular health and provide an opportunity for them to learn and network with each other.

Please see our website at for more detailed information.

This event is held at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, CK Hui Heart Centre, Robbins Learning Centre Lecture Hall and will also be available by Telehealth in Grande Prairie and Red Deer Hospitals. (Pre Registration Required)

Please chose your site when you register by Registrant Type. Preregistration is required for all locations, Telehealth Locations have a reduced fee.

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