SPECIAL NOTE:  Payment is not required to register. Please register to signal intent to attend and submit abstracts, so your work may be considered by the programme committee.  Participants seeking travel support or a waiver of the registration fee should select the "Pay Later" option under Payment Method, and indicate requests as per instructions provided.  Early Bird payments should be made by November 9.  All final registrations should be made by December 1 for participation.

Registration rates:
Early Bird (Payment by November 9) - USD300.00
Regular (Payment by December 1) - USD375.00
Student (Payment by December 1) - USD150.00
Daily (Day 1 or Day 2, or both) - USD120.00-360.00


Forum ​Aims ​- ​
The ​heat ​health ​forum ​serves ​as ​an ​international ​platform ​to ​build ​capacity, ​promote ​sharing, ​and ​ ​encourage ​evidence-based ​policy ​and ​actions ​to ​improve ​the ​management ​of ​extreme ​heat ​risks.
The ​forum ​will ​bring ​together ​the ​interdisciplinary ​community ​of ​experts ​and ​practitioners ​implementing ​various ​aspects ​required ​to ​understand ​and ​manage ​heat ​risks ​to ​health ​in ​order ​to ​share ​experience, ​inform ​a ​global ​common ​agenda, ​strengthen ​the ​network, ​and ​formally ​launch ​the ​Global ​Heat ​Health ​Information ​Network.

For ​more ​information, ​please ​visit ​http://www.ghhin.org/

For ​programmatic ​and ​content ​questions, ​please ​contact ​info@ghhin.org.

Please ​note: ​ ​The ​maximum ​number ​of ​attendees ​for ​the ​Forum ​is ​200.

**Payment ​is ​not ​required ​to ​register. ​Please ​register ​to ​signal ​intent ​to ​attend ​and ​submit ​abstracts, ​so ​your ​work ​may ​be ​considered ​by ​the ​programme ​committee. ​ ​Participants ​seeking ​travel ​support ​or ​a ​waiver ​of ​the ​registration ​fee ​should ​select ​the ​"Pay ​Later" ​option ​under ​Payment ​Method, ​and ​indicate ​requests ​as ​per ​instructions ​provided. ​ ​Early ​Bird ​payments ​should ​be ​made ​by ​Friday, ​November ​9. ​ ​All ​final ​registrations ​should ​be ​made ​by ​December ​1 ​for ​participation.

Registration ​rates:
Early ​Bird ​(Payment ​by ​November ​9) ​- ​USD300.00
Regular ​(Payment ​by ​December ​1) ​- ​USD375.00
Student ​(Payment ​by ​December ​1) ​- ​USD150.00
Daily ​(Day ​1 ​or ​Day ​2, ​or ​both) ​- ​USD120.00-360.00

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