Thank you for your interest in training opportunities offered by the Georgia Main Street Program. Our current 2019 training workshops are at capacity. 

Our 2020 calendar and registration will be available on November 1, 2019. 
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The ​Office ​of ​Downtown ​Development ​is ​excited ​to ​be ​bringing ​you ​a ​variety ​of ​new ​training ​opportunities ​in ​2019. ​The ​workshops ​offered ​will ​include ​but ​are ​not ​limited ​to:

The ​remaining ​training ​opportunities ​in ​2019 ​are:

Mini ​Main ​Street ​201- ​"Funding ​Main ​Street"
September ​17th ​in ​Brunswick, ​GA
Cost: ​$25 ​per ​person, ​all ​tiers

* ​When ​registering ​below, ​if ​asked ​to ​enter ​an ​eligible ​discount ​code ​please ​use ​the ​code ​"GEMS" ​for ​GEMS ​designated ​cities ​and ​"Classic" ​for ​Classic ​Main ​Street ​designated ​cities. ​All ​Affiliate ​or ​all ​other ​non-designated ​registrants ​need ​not ​enter ​any ​additional ​information. ​

** ​Registrants ​that ​utilize ​a ​discount ​code ​will ​have ​their ​Main ​Street ​designation ​verified ​upon ​purchase. ​

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