Welcome to The Maryland Faerie Festival Faerie Ring Camping Experience!

Become immersed in the Faerie Realm and enjoy behind the scenes comradely and raucous fun as we start the festivities with Friday night’s Fire & Drum Experience. Revel in the bonfire, partake of the beat of the drums, become mesmerized by the fire performances and join in the dance to awaken the faeries of the land.

Wake up on the lovely grounds and enjoy breakfast in the dining hall with all the other faeries, elves, sprites, brownies, performers and guests. Friendships are formed and community is forged as we break bread together, or lick the dew drops off undersides of leaves, according to dietary preferences…. (A Limited Access Plan is also available, for those who don’t choose to be on the meal plan.) Enjoy the festival Saturday, and if on the Full Access Plan, come eat lunch in the Dining Hall, and dinner as the fair closes for the day. Saturday night our Masquerade Ball, “SummerFest”. Masks are optional, costumery and high spirits encouraged! Sunday, the daytime fun starts again! Breakfast and lunch are included with the Full Access Pass.

You have your choice of either staying in your own tent or in one of our spacious lodge style cabins. Admission is sold on a per person basis. For folks staying in a tent this means each person needs a ticket. Children’s access passes are less expensive, but each child will need a ticket. For just $5 more per night you can stay in one of the newly renovated cabins. The lodge style cabins range in size from eight to thirteen beds per cabin. Beds are twin sized with new Tempurpedic mattresses.

With either accommodation you have access to hot showers, lights, sinks, and flush toilets.

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